Disability is not a disease rather than a condition. People with disabilities usually roll up themselves because of peoples negative attitude towards them, not only because of their situation. They are very hard to find who have overcome these obstacles and become successful in life in our country.

Why do maximum people in the society behave differently towards persons with disabilities? We think the main reason is lack of awareness about disability issues. People usually tend to see the disability before their ability. That is where we need to focus on changing the mindset that people have about disability.

Bangladesh Society for the Change and Advocacy Nexus (B-SCAN) is a volunteer organization which aims for raising awareness about the basic rights of persons with disabilities. B-SCAN wants to do this not only for making awareness among the common people about disability issues, but also among the persons with disabilities as well who even do not know about their rights. The facilities that mass people are enjoying living as a citizen in our country, people with disabilities are deprived of those rights. B-SCAN is working to achieve and ensure the rights of education, employment, universal accessibility, transportation and social dignity for the people with disabilities in our society.